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Terms & Conditions.

Terms and Conditions Welcome to Medan, one of the most important mobile applications that allow you to quickly and easily request services. admissions. By using Medan, you must agree to all terms and conditions assigned by Medan. Before joining Medan and benefiting from its services and tools, you must carefully read and agree to all terms, conditions and controls. Subscription Participation will be done by opening an account that contains a mobile number for the customer and an email for the company, and this account will be the approved one, and you will be responsible for all activities issued by him. Terms of use.The service can be requested from all various sections of Medan, avoiding the following points. Violation of laws, terms and conditions Ask for wrong, misleading and false services Violating the rights of others Spreading viruses and harmful emails Copying, modifying, or publishing someone else's content Using other people's information and data without consent Find a transgression and abuse of others or a field Advertising poorly on a competing product in the market Seizing other people's money by means of fraud and fraud As it will delete any service that contains the following things Services that contain spyware, hacking programs, hackers, and viruses Services that contain medicines, analgesics and steroids that are prohibited by law Services that contain drugs, alcoholic beverages and psychotropic substances Services that contain human and industrial organs Services that contain prostitution, massages and porn movies Services that contain weapons and clothing for the army, police and some private parties Services that contain stolen goods and counterfeit or expired goods Services that contain antiquities, treasures and precious metals Services that contain chemical and incendiary materials Services that contain acquaintance, marriage and friendship Services that contain val, magic, sorcery, and blocking Services containing fireworks and harmful explosive materials Services that contain bogus projects, fraud and fraud Services that contain personal documents and financial records of others Services that contain loans and financial aid Services that contain political, religious and social matters that are prohibited from being circulated In general, every advertisement violates the laws of the country .... Observe the following conditions when posting on Medan Not to post services with wrong pictures Not to publish services in the wrong sections Not to publish services with unreasonable prices Do not post fake services Fees and services Services on Medan are completely free for the customer. As for companies, fees are required according to the type of package chosen, as the basic package is free and the gold package is paid Liability limits Medan application is not responsible for any content posted by other users, nor does the site guarantee the accuracy of advertisements or existing contact information.The website or application is not obligated to compensate any user The user is required to provide compensation to any third party who files a complaint against him for violating the terms and conditions of the site or application. Intellectual property All rights and property reserved to Dream Company for Web Development. Notice : The terms and conditions can be changed or modified at any time, and the Medan website or application will notify you immediately.