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Medan application is one of the leading applications in this field .

About Medan.

E-commerce platforms have strengthened their sites in the world and have flourished strongly in recent years, taking advantage of the spread of the Internet at high speeds as well as the prevalence of smart phones among people to become the highest in the world. A medan is application for service request between consumers and companies, where communication takes place either by phone, email, or through our application, as this application works in the State of Qatar, and you only have to register as a customer, choose the service and request it.Or register as a company and choose the appropriate package to enable the company to provide its services. Where the service request is included in a simple process and limited steps to describe the service, the effectiveness of the request, the required delivery date, put some pictures of the required service, then wait for the companies to submit their offers and choose the appropriate offer in terms of the implementation period and the price, so that the company before offering it proceeds with the implementation of the service, so that the communication is done either through the application Or e-mail or phone.